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Our TLC approach provides:

  • the Training you need,
  • the Leads you want
  • the Community you crave!

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It takes much more than a license to be a successful REALTOR®. Whether you’re brand new to real estate or you’re a licensed Realtor looking to take your business to a new level, we’ll get you on the right path!  We’re committed to helping our REALTORS® help their clients enjoy strong results and an exceptional real estate experience, and to accomplish that while enjoying a balanced and healthy life. Developed in-house, our in-depth training is 100% applicable to your business right here in Alberta, and gives you the knowledge and skill to serve your clients with excellence!   



  • Training: As a Schmidt team member you’ll have access to hours of Kathy Schmidt’s exclusive training program. Kathy and our amazing Corporate Trainer, Sabrina Bright, will each meet with you regularly for in-depth hands-on training sessions.  You’ll learn the skills you need to secure more business, gain more referrals, and help more people make a great move!
  • LeadsOur unique team model is based on collaboration, not competition.  New clients are shared fairly on a rotation system.  We don’t just promise leads, we deliver! Better yet, we will teach you how to maximize every business opportunity that comes your way!
  • Community: Your workplace should be a place you enjoy!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to get up and look forward to going to the office?  At Schmidt we’re serious about what we do, and we know how to have fun together!  Real estate can be surprisingly lonely working on your own … you’ll find the community you crave at Schmidt!  Come visit our office any time and you’ll see what I’m talking about 😉

Here’s what Realtors have to say about joining Schmidt:

When joining Schmidt, I knew that I would be joining a team with a high level of integrity and professionalism that put client needs first.  Clients are the number one priority and every realtor provides the same consistent level of service.  I value the team approach that we have at Schmidt and the resulting balance that I am able to have in my life.  The entire team at Schmidt  is so positive and awesome to work with!
– Roxane Tiessen, REALTOR®

There are two things that made Schmidt stand out to me while I was searching for a place to call “home”.

  1. The team at SCHMIDT is transparent about what your journey will be like. They’re open and willing to talk about the struggles you’ll face as a new Realtor, but are also very eager to share the victories and why choosing a career in real estate and at Schmidt is worth while.
  2. Most new Realtors look for a training program when they’re choosing the brokerage they want to work for. SCHMIDT goes an extra mile when it comes to training; it’s almost like you get put into a mentorship program, which offers direct working experience with management and senior agents. Because of this, the environment is supportive and genuine, not competitive like you’d expect in a traditional sales atmosphere.
    – Phalyn Chenard, REALTOR®

Why did I choose Schmidt?  I was looking for a strong team dynamic. A place with a work/life balance and coverage so my clients are always served first and foremost.
– Tahnee Botten, REALTOR®

I think we all hear stories of someone we know deciding they want to get into real estate, and only lasting a few months before realizing that it’s not at all what they expected. I tend to be a planner, so when I decided that I wanted to move into a career in real estate, I wanted to make sure I was going to do everything I could to succeed and be prepared. One night, while researching what a career in real estate was REALLY like, I stumbled on to a Kijiji ad for a realtor information session and I was quick to RSVP. When I met with Kathy and Sabrina, the session was so much more than I could have hoped for – it gave me the real information – not all of it pretty, and a chance to ask all my questions. The session really gave me the assurance that I was making the right career choice and I left the session elated and inspired, and wanting to equip myself with the best chance for success and knowing exactly what I needed to do. As a result it was another two years of planning, saving and studying before I moved into my successful  real estate career. There was never any pressure at the session to join Schmidt – they are passionate about education and really want to raise the bar for real estate professionals joining the industry no matter the brokerage they choose! However, when it came time for me to choose a brokerage, Schmidt was an obvious fit for me and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I really feel like the information session set me up for success!
– Melissa Blythe, REALTOR®

Where are you in your real estate journey? 

If you’re uncertain if real estate is the right career for you, you’ll want to attend our next REALTOR INFO SESSION. We’ll load you up with info on a day in the life of a Realtor and share the personal attributes we believe are vital for you to enjoy success!  We host these Free one-hour sessions monthly.  

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If you’re almost licensed, newly licensed, or needing a change , let us help you find the best brokerage home for your business!  Find out what you should be asking when you interview brokerages… that’s right, you should be interviewing brokerages as much as they’re interviewing you!  Finding the right “fit” is vital to your business success and career enjoyment!  We’ll answer your questions about how we do things at Schmidt as well, in case you’re interested in a team approach!

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PS  There’s no pressure from us, ever! If you’re ready to try something new, that’s great. If not, we’ll have had a chance to get to know you! Meeting new people is always a good thing 🙂




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