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Seller Testimonials

A few words from our clients.

I know Sabrina would be working hard for us to sell the house. Very experienced and knows how to communicate. Though the market was not quite what we hoped for and the floor plan was not up to most people’s expectation, I think we got the reasonable price for a place not having some of the other upgrades people are looking for.
Harry Dickau, October 13, 2016

Thank you for building such an incredible team at your brokerage, using principles that I appreciate very much.  We felt completely supported and guided through a process that we would have rather not had to do. Given our circumstances, we appreciated the compassion and great expertise we were met with by all of the members of your team that we had contact with, or other professionals that were recommended to us by Tahnee (home inspector, moving company, lawyer, etc). And Tahnee! Wow, she is skilled and a truly wonderful person. We will continue to recommend her and your firm to anyone who will listen. Thanks again very much!!
Tami C., September 2016

Connie was excellent. From start to finish she was professional, helpful and empathetic to my situation. As an owner living a long ways away, she went over and above what a Realtor is obligated to do for their clients. I am very appreciative of all she did. Will definitely recommend her to any of my friends who need your services.
Ross Hawse, August 04, 2016


Sheri worked with both sides as the house was being sold and I also needed to find a place of my own. She listened to my specs and shopped around, pretty much finding me exactly the one I wanted.
Cijay Morgan, July 3, 2016

Brad was great. He always responded to our questions quickly and always made time for us.
Lisa Brown, April 9, 2016

Connie was very accommodating and professional. We were impressed by her manner in which she maneuvered us through the process of buying our new home and selling our old one.
Marc Turgeon, January 21, 2016

Clear, precise, and honest from beginning to end. They always had time for questions even if it was several times a day. We’ll be doing business in the future 🙂 Thanks guys and the team at Schmidt for a stress-free selling of our home.
Radoslaw Rybak, November 12, 2015

“Our home sold very quickly. Someone walking by saw the sign and asked for a viewing. I’m sure that the staging provided by Schmidt made a huge difference in convincing that person to make an offer. The negotiation was quick and worked out to everyone’s advantage.”
Sara Coumantarakis, October 18, 2015

“Sabrina and Tahnee provided excellent advice on how to prepare our home for sale, and helped us work through a multiple-offer situation, relatively stress-free. Their quick response times and know how throughout negotiations were key in securing a solid offer that was well above our expectations.”
Yvette Chau, October 9, 2015

“Wow! So my wife and I met Connie 5 years ago when we considered selling. It wasn’t the right time, but we knew when that time came, we’d be calling as she left quite the impression. Both professionally and personally. Well, the time came and we needed to sell! Within a deadline too! I was pretty stressed and anxious through the whole process, but Connie was upbeat, positive, encouraging, and so very helpful with my 500 questions! She was away for a week and Tahnee took over. What a seamless transition! The place ended up selling at the perfect time for us and we couldn’t be more thankful! We have a growing family and will be looking to move again in 2-3 years. We’ll be calling Schmidt again without a doubt! Thanks again!”
Jesse and Monique, September 14, 2015

“Sheri was very professional and educated regarding the market valuation.”
Rick MacSwain, July 13, 2015

“We solicited some valuation estimates from a number of realtors including Schmidt at the beginning of this process. Sabrina emailed us promptly with an amazing amount of information and zero pressure. She efficiently answered the questions that we posed, and then followed up to make sure we didn’t require anything further.  We really impressed by all the pre-work done on our behalf, even before our first meeting.  Once we got into the process, we really appreciated Sabrina’s response time.  She quickly answered any questions we had and walked us through the process to get our home listed (and subsequently sold very quickly).  She was on the ball with forwarding any information I requested and we felt supported by her in an arena where we have very little experience.  We appreciated her professionalism but also her friendliness.  She clearly an engaged and motivated member of the Schmidt team and we are thankful for her involvement in our recent transition.”
Michael and Melanie Ross, May 13, 2015

“This is the third time I’ve been part of a Schmidt Realty selling and/or buying scenario. Again this time, from start to finish, the experience was outstanding. I felt so supported by Connie, especially during some of the more stressful moments…remember the kitty box incident while the place was being shown, Connie?? I was given such great advice about what I needed to do to get my place ready to sell from both Caroline and Connie. Once that was accomplished the photography done for the MLS listing made the place look amazing. I loved getting the heads up about showings, both by phone then then email. My place only took 15 days to sell and then two offers came in at the same time! Putting that SOLD sign in my window was a real highlight! I am now happily in my new Nanaimo home, but will always have incredibly warm feelings and positive memories about Schmidt Realty and everyone there that helped me sell me house.”
Lois Andruski, April 3, 2015

“Getting rid of the property and not having to be involved in the process also knowing that an honest, diligent and pleasant person was in charge doing her best for me.”
Paddy Brine, March 23, 2015

“It was amazing the short turnaround from beginning to the completion of sale. It was rather hectic experience to get ready for the staging/photography, but well worth the effort. We were extremely happy in how fast the property sold. Everyone’s professional attitude and enthusiasm from the entire Schmidt Realty team made us feel well taken care of and confident in the process. You could tell that everyone involved knew their part of the process and worked together awesomely as a team! Thanks!”
Don & Heather Striker, February 25, 2015

 “We are so impressed and happy with the exceptional service provided by both Sabrina and Ivana.  They took excellent care of us and were professional, prompt, and helpful.  We appreciated the home staging advice and we feel that the professional photography gave us the edge when selling the condo.  And best of all, they helped us to find a home that we absolutely love!  We will be recommending Schmidt Realty to all of our friends and family.”
Kathy Elson and Fredrick Oliver, December 4, 2014

“Connie Braun made our selling experience with us special as we have known and used Connie in the past, and so have some family members. The long conversations really made it special. It was a very hard sell because of the nature of the buyer. The balance in the bank account once the sale was completed was the happiest moment. The two most important benefits in using Schmidt Realty would simply be the pictures taken and the information package that are given to the buyers. Staging and photographer are free! Larry Schmidt took seasonal upgraded pictures for us which was very much appreciated.”
Stephen & Erin Burgess, September 9, 2014

“The fact that we knew Kathy was a huge plus because we trusted her as a friend and her warm, outgoing personality was a huge asset to us. We also knew that she would have my best interest at heart. Kathy walked me through selling my home in a very gentle, calm manner as it was extremely difficult thing for me, to sell after living in my house for nearly 40 years. Kathy also explained everything in fine detail in how and when things would happen, and not once did she rush me into making any decisions that would make me feel rushed in the whole process.” – Thelma Hoopkins, September 27, 2014

“Kathy really seemed to like our home and to enjoy the process of selling it. She was very professional and organized, and, as a bonus fun to work with.” – Ione and Rick Hooper, August 27, 2014

Capture“Sabrina was helpful in all the ‘fine-toning’ of a home to sell. We enjoyed her ability to say what needed to be said so we could sell our home easily.”
Ina Matheson, August 22, 2014

“We received more money on the sale of our home and the service for the staging was invaluable. It made us sell our house in just one day which saved us a huge hassle factor. Sheri’s knowledgeable and aware of the current market. I would definitely recommend the Schmidt team.”
Kris Barrow, August 18, 2014

“Excellent service and timeliness. House sold quickly and without issue. I continue to recommend Sheri to all potential buyers/sellers that I know.” – Cheryl Fortin, April 2014

I loved working with Ivana! She was amazing, so friendly and professional and answered any questions or concerns I had in a very timely manner. She touched base with me often and kept me in the loop which was wonderful. Also a shout out to Danielle and Jody who are two of the friendliest and upbeat girls! I always loved getting a call from them! What a great team. I would definitely work with Ivana again and have already been telling friends about what a great experience it was. Thank you all!” – 
Charlene Orr, March 20, 2014

“Ivana was so amazing to work with! She helped me in so many ways and went the extra mile for me as I was out of the country. I came back to my place being sold and all the appropriate arrangements in place. She made the process so hassle-free as I was able to sign documents via email while overseas. I would definitely work with Ivana again and highly recommend her if you are looking for a real estate agent who will do whatever it takes to work onyour behalf and ensure you are happy and cared for!”- Pamela Klassen, October 2, 2013

“Sheri took really good care of us. We had tons of questions and she answered them knowledgeably and expediently. She always kept us updated on what was going on and made herself accessible to us even when she didn’t need to be. We didn’t have high expectations of good service going in, so we were pleasantly surprised. She proved that this is such a thing as a great real estate agent, and she is it. Thanks for an awesome (low-stress) home selling experience.”
Chau Lam & Stephen Glubrecht, September 27, 2013


“Ivana and the whole Schmidt Realty team that were involved in the sale of our home were phenomenal. This was our first time selling a home and Ivana was with us every step of the way to answer our questions and concerns. The process and team concept that is in place seems to work extremely well and I think other companies should learn from this. I also felt like we were getting so much more than we would have with another real estate company because of things like internet and print advertising, online home feedback, professional photography, and in-home staging just to name a few. I have already recommend Ivana and the Schmidt Team to some people and I will continue to do so. Thank you for everything!”
James & Joanna, August 30, 2013

“We can’t say enough about the excellent service for Sabrina and everyone at Schmidt. The energy and total commitment to selling our condo was outstanding.” – John and Wendy Laughington, August 20, 2013

Seller Testimonial - Kathy“There are times and situations where you can figure things out on your own and do okay. There are other times when you really do need the services of a professional and in particular a real estate agent. Sabrina did an excellent job keeping me in the loop in terms of the overall process and what to expect. She was very patient with all of my questions and all the different scenarios that I inquired about. Sabrina provided me with the offers and followed-up with the prospective buyers based on my request. In the end the property sold incredibly quick and Sabrina navigated through everything like a ninja master! Having gone through selling a property the first time, I now know the value of working with a true professionals and I’m thankful for all that was done by Sabrina and the Schmidt Realty Group.” – Jay Paradis, August 10, 2013

“Selling our home of 26 years was a life altering decision – the stress we experience was very much minimized by having a realtor that we could trust – thanks Connie!! There was also an exceptional Schmidt team supporting Connie and we found the staff in each and every interaction – positive and professional.”
Kathy James Fairbairn, July 9, 2013

“We used Connie for buying our condo and for selling it 8 years later! She had a great knowledge of the market and helped to guide us to make good decisions, both buying and selling. We appreciate the honesty of Schmidt Realty and respect the core values they promote.”
Alison Uhrbach, June 18, 2013

“From day one to the final SOLD day, I could not have asked for anything more than the staff I had at Schmidt. From great looking pictures of my condo, to messages from the ladies in the office of visitation guests, to the final SOLD message from my agent…it could not have been more pleasant. I will recommend Schmidt Realty to anyone ready to sell. It makes life a lot easier.” – 
Sherry Ropp, May 28, 2013

“Your outfit is excellent. It works fast and gets results. I always felt the three people I dealt with had my interest at heart. Just the best!!”
Peter Antonelli, May 6, 2013

“We have used Schmidt Realty Group several times and have always found them fast, efficient, effective and most of all honest and straightforward. It is this practical approach that we most appreciate. Sabrina, Sheri and Kathy are knowledgeable, experienced and have always given us sound advice.”
Christine & Gregory Forth, April 8, 2013

“Sabrina and Craig were consummate professionals. They handled the sale of our dream house with compassion and tact. The entire team at Schmidt are top notch in terms of integrity, personality and dedication to their profession. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Schmidt to any family or friends.” – Anonymous, March 8, 2013

Seller Testimonial - Travis“The service was fantastic and we really felt like family. We really appreciate the team attitude at Schmidt Group. This was the third time we have worked with Schmidt Group. It was a very difficult move personally for our family but the entire team pulled together to make a dream move at a difficult time happen. Thank you.”
Heather Smith & Jesse Stewart, December 5, 2012

“Our house sold in less than a week at 98.3% of the listed price, which was a huge relief considering all the other stresses in our lives at that time. Sheri was always there to take the time and answer all ofour questions throughout the journey. Thanks!”
Daniel & Cheryl Fortin, November 10, 2012

“We would highly recommend Schmidt Realty Group. They do it right! They understand your needs and get the job done! This is the second time we have bought/sold with them. Great team!”
Lynn Towe, October 29, 2012

“From the very beginning of my association with Sabrina she was always right there with answers to my questions. She was also very aware of when I was having concerns without having to even voice them. She is warm and thoughtful in her dealings without ever losing sight of the fact of the end result, and that is doing the very best for her clients! Ivana is of the same calibre and because of my very satisfactory and enjoyable dealings with them, I have lost no time in letting people know that choosing Schmidt Realty would be a very wise decision. Kathy, her husband, and the administrative staff are a joy to deal with and are never too busy to listen. Thanks Everyone!” – Mary Bronson, Sep 12, 2012


“Travis went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I had a great experience while looking for my future home. He was outstanding! I have already referred a few close friends to Travis. The experience with him was exceptionally great!”
Ilham Hayek, Aug 23, 2012

“Please send our thanks to all of the members of the Schmidt team for their professionalism and assistance during the experience. You’ve shown us what true and dedicated realtors can accomplish for their clients. Again, thanks to all!”
John & Adrienne, Aug 28,2012

“Sheri is a competent, thorough and diligent professional. She works with clients in all circumstances requiring the sale of their property, protecting their privacy and has a vested interested in meeting their needs. Her experience in negotiating for her clients is obvious and will surely build on her business and referrals.”
Lisa Uchytil, Aug 19, 2012

“I appreciated the low-key approach to helping me get started with staging my house. I did not feel pressure to do more than I could handle. I am glad I was the one who coud set the pace. Once my house was on the market, I got an offer right away.”
Karen Klute, August 17, 2012

Seller Testimonial - Marty2“I couldn’t have imagined a better realtor. She took the time to explain every detail and answered all of our questions completely. Her experience and knowledge guided us, but there was always the understanding that any decisions to make was ours and that we were in control. We accepted each of the suggestions made by our realtor and it paid off in spades!!! We never expected to sell so quickly or for so much. I would definitely recommend Schmidt Realty to anyone considering buying or selling a house.” – Sheralea Nelson, July 3, 2012

“We were very impressed with the professionalism shown by your team in understanding our needs and listening when we gave our ideas on our house and how it might be marketed. Sabrina was always available, returning phone calls in record time, and letting us know who we could call if she was unavailable. Over the time that our house was on the market, we felt that Sabrina became our friend. Altogether a very positive experience!”
Unknown, June 30, 2012

“Selling our home with Sheri Grier was as stress free as moving gets! From the beginning, having the stager and photographer come in made getting the house ready to show so easy for me, a busy mom of two young children. Then every time a showing was scheduled a friendly phone call to let us know and confirm the time. All we had to do was get out of the house. Above all though we really appreciated Sheri’s professionalism and the great advice we got, which we followed and sold in 3 days! Schmidt Realty did an amazing job for us and we have already referred friends and family to Sheri!”
Jamie & Leann Deisting, June 23, 2012Seller Testimonial - Sheri

“Connie Braun was so friendly and personable! She processed our sale and purchase ON THE SAME DAY without incident! I highly recommend her for your future Real Estate needs!”
Corrina Kelbert, June 20, 2012

“Seeing is believing! I needed to sell my home quickly and Schmidt Realty was certainly the right choice for me. The service, sensitivity, and professionalism displayed by my Realtor Connie was amazing! My house sold in 17 days, much in part to the crisp photography from a professional photographer as well as an amazing MLS presentation. I would highly recommend the Schmidt Realty experience for selling your home!”
Rhonda Spero, June 16, 2012

“Schmidt Realty was a pleasure to deal with. I couldn’t imagine selling my house with anyone else.”
Chris Wood, June 15, 2012

“Sabrina rocks the free world. We have bought and sold a number of houses over the years and never have we worked with someone as amazing as Sabrina. She is the realtor’s realtor. Head and shoulders above the rest. Our highest recommendation. There is simply no one better in the business!”
Murray & Elke Fuhrer, June 14, 2012

“We’ve really appreciated the extra mile that our realtor went!”
Michelle Doupe, May 31, 2012

“I was absolutely blown away at how knowledgeable and professional Ivana and the Schmidt Realty Team were. They used every avenue possible when marketing my home, rather than just relying on MLS. The entire experience can be described with one simple word… “WOW”. Thank you Ivana and Schmidt Realty!!!”
Chad MacKenzie, May 15, 2012

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