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Seller Testimonials

A few words from our clients

I don’t believe my property could have been marketed any better and I always felt that your team had my back and my best interests in mind. Your team is first rate. I am very pleased and will definitely recommend the Schmidt team to others. Thank you.

Brent Bistritz, Oct 13th, 2018

“Prompt attention during the offer process was appreciated. It gave us much comfort to know a team was working hard on our behalf. Confidence that we were working with a team with integrity was very important to us. When details were required Kathy was did an excellent job of pulling in real data and numbers to make informed decisions.

Chad Viminitz, Oct 9th, 2018

“It was exceptional service and Tahnee was really good and gave her best.

Sami Memon, Sep 24th, 2018

“I really do not have any comments on ways to enhance your service as both agents were exceptional and were also available for phone calls or text messages

Linda Sampson, Sep 11th, 2018

“Brads professionalism and exceptional detail to the sale and purchase made things flow as required

Brian Wentland, Sep 11th, 2018

Friendly service. Well explained, all communication between seller and buyer kept current. All aspects of the sale of our house were done professionally with integrity and honesty. I could not have had a better agent than Lori.”

Willi & Monique Viehmann, Aug 28, 2018

“Jeff was really nice, he worked with us and was always there when we needed him ”

Connie Wolff, Aug 9th, 2018

“The passion and positivity of Sheri was by far the most important ingredient, which we felt from the beginning of our first introduction. The belief that Sheri was absolutely working and looking after our interests, gave us tremendous relief for what normally would have been a tense time.”

John Hartsen, May 28th, 2018

“Jeff was willing to help us meet the required pieces that were missing from our inspection. ”

Amy Mireau, May 15th, 2018

“We had some questions about additions (sunroom and deck) we had done to our house. Kathy was able to answer most of them and consulted with a lawyer for others. She arranged to have someone come in to give us tips on paint colour choices, and staging, as we got our house ready for market. Overall the most important benefit was the feeling of reassurance we got from Kathy. She’s very knowledgeable but also has an approach and demeanor that makes you feel confident and reduces your stress level. Our dog took to her right away, which is always a great sign!”

Joan Schiebelbein, Apr 25, 2018

“Barb Scott is an exceptional REALTOR® and worked tirelessly to sell my property. Having known Barb for most of my life, I knew I was in great hands. She really puts the client first, whether purchasing or selling, and handles everything with professional ease. The use of social media and an individual URL for the listing made a huge impact in sharing the information. Thank you Schmidt Realty Group, and Barb, for all that you do.”

Diane Folkins, Apr 5, 2018

“From the initial market assessment to the selling of our home, we knew we could trust Kathy’s advice and experience through every step. Having the opportunity to have the lovely Caroline provide insight and suggestions for staging our home was a wonderful bonus. And on top of that I loved being able to communicate by text with the office about showing information and scheduling! All around it was a wonderful experience despite the bittersweet emotions of selling our first home.”

Amelia Van Hoffen, Mar 12, 2018

“It was a great experience overall! Schmidt’s marketing is bar none – I believe it made all the difference!”

Sharon Robb, Jan 18, 2018

“Jeanine was great and very helpful in my first home selling experience. She gave great advice and we were able to get it sold quickly. Can’t wait to buy a house and will be using Jeanine.”

Doug Kermack, Jan 3, 2018

“Sabrina’s upbeat and positive attitude was really important to me. It felt like she was excited to list my place. The property assessment and confidence in pricing helped me to get a good price for my property. I feel that the staging and photography helped to showcase my property in the best possible way. I appreciate Sabrina walking me through all the steps to make it easier to navigate the process.”

Madelaine Lussier, Nov 24, 2017

“Sabrina was incredible. She was referred to us by a friend and I couldn’t be happier with our experience. Sabrina was thorough, knowledgeable and kind. She made the process easy for us to sell our home and was always available for any of our questions. I have been telling everyone about Schmidt and will continue to do so.”

Theresa Hansen, Oct 12, 2017

“Our REALTOR® , Janelle, was very professional in all aspects of our sale. She was extremely punctual and always made sure we were kept up-to-date every step of the way.  We were quite pleased with Schmidt’s team approach. The staging process and home photography were both very helpful. There was also an instance were we were locked out of our house after a showing. After contacting our REALTOR® , she quickly sent over another nearby REALTOR® who kindly and promptly let us into our home (on his time off). Overall, this was an exceptional experience for us.”

Leslie & Lindsay Huys, Oct 11, 2017

“Janelle was wonderful. She provided us with information and guidance but let us make our own decisions. She was also very diligent at following up and getting information and answers to our questions. We found Schmidt Realty Group and the people associated with it to be very professional and punctual. We appreciated the staging service and professional photographer. The whole experience has been very positive and we would definitely recommend Janelle and Schmidt Group to others.”

Joan & Allan Parsons, Oct 6, 2017

“Selling the house made us very happy campers! Brad gave us very valuable feedback during the entire process and kept us very much in the loop. He was very professional and gave us lots of attention, and he was quick on emails/texts/phone call replies, which was great! We will for sure use the Schmidt Group again and will recommend them to friends and family!”

Chantel & Kyle Van Dassellar, Sep 25, 2017

“This was my first experience dealing with Jamie and she did a great job. She replied very quickly to my initial inquiry on listing the property and had plans to get the listing photos done the very next day. We had an offer within 10 days, which was fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend her in the future.”

Cindy Thibault, Sep 21, 2017

“Kathy’s attention, calm and helpful demeanor, and her realistic advice were just what I needed as I moved through the sale of my home.  I’ve never sold a house before! Kathy was so organized, she handed me the answers to questions I didn’t even know I had!”

Robin Cowan, Aug 18, 2017

We were so happy we chose to work with Roxane when selling our house! She was detail oriented, prompt, and provided valuable advice. Roxane found the perfect balance between guiding and directing us in the sale of our house and allowing us to make the important decisions. We would be happy to work with Roxane in the future.

Kristin Schlamp, Aug 8, 2017

Sabrina was very friendly and professional in everything she did. The office staff were always very cheerful when they phoned to make appointments for showings. We loved hearing from them each day. Cayden was very knowledgeable about the homes we went to see. This is the second time we have used Schmidt Realty Group. Both times we were very pleased with the service and the results.

Robin & Cheryl Jones, July 27, 2017

Travis’ attention to detail, enthusiasm, insight and his character were what made this experience way better than our last REALTOR® experience.

Derek Sampson, July 19, 2017

Despite a very competitive market, Sheri gave us hope that we would get our property sold for a satisfactory price and in a timely fashion. She accepted the challenge and started working as soon as she completed listing the property. She explained how we could follow the progress of any transactions of ours or similar competing properties in the Southwest region. She informed us of the date and time of each showing. She kept us informed through good communication. She was able to keep our stress to a minimum level and was always available whenever we needed her. She had us consider every offer that was made on our property. We are very happy with the professional manner she displayed in the sale of our property.

Keith & Delores Taylor, Jul 16, 2017

From day one we had the confidence in the professional approach that you have. You guys are exceptional, couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks once again.

Shilpee Sharma, Jun 16, 2017

Barb was extremely professional. She was an exceptional mediator throughout the process and every detail was fully communicated and explained. Her commitment to the property was evident which led to a quick and effortless sale.

Jolene Dahl, Jun 3, 2017

My REALTOR® Jeff Fafard was thorough and provided me with exceptional advice on home improvements as well as a realistic listing value based off his market value research. I would recommend his service to anyone.

Robert Gates, May 25, 2017

Melissa has been absolutely wonderful through our whole experience. She has been available, helpful and quick with her response time. She was also able to guide us through the process with ease and confidence, giving us great peace of mind. The website, pictures and marketing were among the best tools and resources I have ever experienced with selling a home. Everything was professional and high quality. I have already recommended Melissa and Schmidt to my family and will definitely use their services if needed in the future.

Anonymous, May 22, 2017

I enjoyed the knowledgeable staff and hands on approach to working together as a team! Good work!

Sherry Kendrick, April 28, 2017

The selling experience was fantastic. Jeanine was extremely efficient and answered all of our questions with confidence and ease, exceeding our expectations with the extremely quick sale and also her clear, honest communication. By far the process has been our best dealings with any REALTOR® .

Sherri Marienhoff, April 12, 2017

Kathy and her team are excellent at keeping clients up to date on showings and feedback. Kathy also provides very helpful thoughts on pricing and strategy.

David Styles, April 4, 2017

Kathy is incredibly efficient! She keeps the flow of documents to sign at an almost instant timing, making timelines appear continuous and uninterrupted.

Andrew & Adela Tarnowski, April 3, 2017

There is remarkable peace of mind when you deal with someone who is organized, knowledgeable and possesses an incredible eye for detail. The entire Schmidt team went far above our expectations for the second time.

Chris Vandenborn, March 29, 2017

Organized enthusiasm and going above and beyond to make our listing the best.

Kevin & Leanne Sept, March 28, 2017

Jeanine was on top of everything right from the start. She let us know exactly was we needed to make the sale go smooth, and her communication throughout was excellent. The overall web presence was also well done.”
Shaun Fedunec, March 7, 2017

Cayden is not only a true professional, but he’s also such an approachable, friendly and super genuine guy. We had such an outstanding experience with him in both the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home, all of which happened within a short four week period of time. Cayden really worked for us, no matter what time of day or night, he was always engaged, positive and supportive in all aspects of the selling and buying process. He even went so far as to help us land an amazing contractor to help us renovate our new home in record time. We can’t praise Cayden or his efforts enough and, frankly, we’ll miss having him around.  Thanks Schmidt Realty Group for this incredible and personal experience. We’ll only ever refer friends and family to your brokerage, and specifically to Cayden. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Leanne and Maurice Dransfield, January 2, 2017

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