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Kathy Schmidt . REALTOR®
KATHY SCHMIDT . REALTOR® | 780.437.2030

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LARRY SCHMIDT . REALTOR® | 780.437.2030

Kathy is the broker and owner of Schmidt Realty Group. With over 20 years of experience in the Edmonton real estate market, Kathy pours her time and energy into helping her team provide a truly exceptional real estate experience for every one of their buyers and sellers.  Kathy was named one of Edmonton’s 100 top women in business by The Wanderer Online in 2013 and was honoured to receive Edmonton’s prestigious REALTOR® of the Year Award in 2012 by her peers.  She serves on the board of directors for the REALTOR® Association of Edmonton, the advisory committee for the new Leder School of Business at Kings University, and has contributed her time to the Real Estate Council of Alberta where she participated in hearings to ensure our province has the highest professional standards. Kathy often says My product is real estate, but my business is education.”  She is a teacher at heart and whether coaching her team, advising her clients, or sharing important real estate information with the public, her goal is the same…to ensure that everyone makes well informed choices that benefit themselves and their families for years to come.

Larry Schmidt is an invaluable resource at the brokerage as he brings his strategic thinking and results-oriented focus to special projects for our team and our clients in his capacity as a licensed REALTOR® . Long-term Edmonton residents, Kathy and her husband Larry love their city and know it like the back of their hands.  Happily married since 1979, they are best friends and love to spend time off together travelling.  Italy, New York, and Canada’s west coast are some of their favorite destinations.  Kathy’s “souvenir” from Italy was a desire to learn Italian while Larry brought back some awesome cooking skills!  And running the show at their house are their beloved toy fox terriers, Timi and Rosie.  It’s a busy life, and a good one!

People often ask, “What’s different about SCHMIDT?” While our systems are rock solid and our results are stellar – what clients tell us is, what’s truly different is the experience.  Because our team at Schmidt operates collaboratively instead of competitively, clients always have a REALTOR® to help them, and ideas are shared to generate creative “outside the box” concepts for both buyers and sellers.  It’s different for sure.  And so are the results!  Sellers typically enjoy selling almost twice as fast, and buyers feel supported, never pressured! It’s all about living and working with Authenticity, Respect, and Trust. Those are our core values and together they form The ART of Real Estate, and it’s what we practice every day!

P.S. — If you’re looking for a recommendation for a great book on business, leadership or marketing, Kathy will gladly give you a long list and no doubt some stories about how she’s put into practice what she’s read.




Every new listing and sale is still exciting after twenty plus years in real estate!


One thing you need to know about Kathy … she’s crazy about their furry kids!


One thing you need to know about Larry … he’s a big tease and he loves to laugh!



Being together is what they love most of all.  #highschoolsweethearts #bestfriends #bizpartners

Kathy, her team and the Schmidt organization have been excellent to work with. Knowledgeable, helpful, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. We are repeat clients and would strongly recommend her and Schmidt Realty to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.      – Chad Viminitz April 2018



Kathy: Our first trip to Europe in 2009 for a special anniversary.  We spent a month in Tuscany in a restored barn, driving the twisty roads, eating amazing food, and sipping wine… though not all at the same time!

Larry: Our first trip to Europe for our 2009 wedding anniversary.  We spent four weeks in Tuscany, primarily in the countryside and in small towns, enjoying beauty at every level.  The scenery, the architecture, the people, the food and of course uninterrupted time with my sweetie Kathy.  


Kathy: Purdy’s Himalayan Sea-Salt Chocolate Caramels.  Actually almost anything with salted caramel… Mmmmmm… almonds… coconut… chocolate… and SALTED CARAMEL! Sounds Purdylicious… And pastry! I looooove pastry!

Larry: Pumpkin dessert….. anything!  Pie, tarts… pumpkin!!!


Kathy: I love my morning coffee – that first sip is heaven!  And I do love my Pepsi!  I’ve never met a Prosecco I didn’t enjoy, and a Gin and Tonic over ice on a hot day is summertime perfection!

Larry: A rich, not too sweet hot chocolate.


Kathy: I’m totally a dog person. I’ve had cats and I can appreciate them, but I can’t imagine life without a dog or two in it.  Our two little ones are a lot of work, but they are so worth it!  They bring us so much joy!

Larry: Dogs. Preferably big to medium-sized ones that love to cuddle or just hang out with you.  The little ones, though, travel well in your lap.


Kathy: Blue. In particular a soft denimy blue.

Larry: It depends on where the color is.  To wear, I love blue.  On walls I like light brown.  In the sky, that pale wintery blue you get when it is 20 below or more.  


Kathy: I love my Mini Cooper! We drove one just like it all over Tuscany and every time I get in there’s a part of me that feels like I’m back in Italy!

Larry: A car I have never driven.  I love the idea of it but I don’t think I will fit in it. The Porsche Boxster Spyder.  It reminds me of what the car my mom used to own, an MGB, should have been. Convertible, fantastic handling, rear wheel drive for fun in the snow and great road feel. I also love the idea of being in a two-seater car because it is just Kathy and me and the road and sky.


Kathy: It was years ago, but we saw Elton John and it was absolutely incredible!

Larry: A number of years ago Kathy and I went to see Elton John and had to sit in the cheap seats behind the stage.  The incredible part was that we had to seats that were away from the crowd.  Elton John turned around and it seemed sang to us.  It was beautiful.  


Kathy: I don’t have any one favorite.  I get inspired by anyone who is making their life matter, whether it’s in a big way or just the day to day, by something happen they believe in, and challenging themselves.

Larry: When I was a teenager it was David Suzuki.  I even snuck into a radiologist / radiographer convention to hear him speak.  Pure science and the scientists that pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake are the ones I most like because often they are most interested in trying to discover truth and moving their field and the world in a positive direction.


Kathy: I’m a bit of a nerd and I actually find my work FUN! I love reading books on marketing and business.  Travel is something I always enjoy, either driving through the countryside with my hubby or walking miles and miles in Paris with a friend.  Those are magical times!

Larry: Playing music (flute, guitar, singing), riding motorcycles, playing with the dogs, being around or riding horses and most of all hanging with my sweetie.

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